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开发 Baseman Inc.
2.45 usd

A GPS tracking and voice navigation utility economizing the battery charge.Suitable for hunters, fishers or other adventure finders: allows to walk straight to the target point with free hands according to the voice pointers, having your PDA in a pocket with the switched off screen and saving the battery charge on the way.Stupid looking in the display on the way is not really needed anymore.
A navigation is provided not by GPS's course info that needs to run rather quickly to understand the actual course, but via calculation of the course from your current point to the target point just by the GPS coordinates.
There are lots of free simple navigation utilities like this, but ... how many voice navigation software with the special battery's economy do you know ?
* Saving the target point (the voice navigation will lead to it)* Navigation to the selected point with voice directions, with the switched off display* GPS connection may be chosen in ECONOM mode: 20 seconds per each 2 minutes. Slow walk allows such rare connection. Option: speed in miles per hour, distance in yards (meters are by default)* Multi-language voice directions: EN and RU natively, others by Text-to-Speech engine. Added multi-language voice support: EN and RU languages by voice files and FR, DE, IT, ES by Text-to-Speech engine.TTS engine has to be extra installed for the language local settings you use: it's easy with Android Market.* speed in miles per hour, distance in yards (meters are by default)* auto-calculation of the alert period according to the speed* Added: Google map with tracking: new target from the map* Sending SMS with the current GPS coordinates* Sending all target points by email* Accelerometer signal for voice alert: is used only during navigation mode to the target, PDA is blocked from sleep mode. NOTE: may not work with some PDA, and note the battery discharge.* GSM signal triangulation: also added
Do not forget to REMOVE free Light version, if you order this one.
NOTE: Internet connection permission is only for Google Map web-page show.